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The Elevated Career Prep Program (ECP) is designed to impact individuals at the micro level so they can sustain themselves and reach the community at the macro level. ECP works to develop the mindset which has historically been overlooked during the process of workforce development. The ECP program takes a different approach and focuses on building, repairing, and redirecting indivduals' perspectives to properly put the training into action. While the information and desired outcomes of this program does not change, we do have two separate classes that we utilize for participants under 18 and participants over the age of 18. The ECP program also maintains the flexibility to tailor the program to the needs of each specific agency it partners with, without sacrificing the integrity of the program. 


The program can be broken down into two separate concentrations, the first being the ECP Soft Skills Training Concentration and the second being the ECP Job Pairing & Monitoring  Concentration


The ECP Soft SkillsTraining Concentration focuses on more of a micro level of development for the individuals participating primarily, with a focus on how their career preparedness directly impacts the community where they live and work. 


The ECP Job Pairing & Monitoring Concentration focuses on exactly what's in its name. We utilize the relationships we build with businesses needing extra workforce in the community and partner with different public and state agencies who are investing resources to pair individuals with temporary to permanent employers. There are prerequisites that every participant in the program must meet within the ECP program prior to being placed with an employer. This process is used to promote sustainability and to maintain the integrity of the effort and resources invested into building career readiness for the participants and the community they live and work in. Upon the completion of the necessary steps, the participant will be paired with a company matching the participant's interests and skillset. Following the pairing, we utilize a personalized monitoring strategy that allows for constant communication to take place between Life Push, the program participant, the partnering organization, and employer to ensure the developed plan is being executed properly.


Once all program requirements have been met, participants will receive a certificate of completion notating the necessary requirements have been fulfilled. 

Program Focus - Micro Level

  • Overcoming Hiring Obstacles
  • What employers are really looking for even if they don't know it
  • Emotional Intelligence & Self Perspective
  • Managing Conflict in Professional Spaces
  • Making Resumes Stand Out
  • Dressing the part
  • How to Prepare for & Execute a Strong Interview                    
  • How to Start Your Own Business
  • How to make a business plan
  • Working in Group Settings
  • Networking to Build Sustainability
  • Putting it all together
  • First Aid Certification** (Optional)


Program Focus - Macro Level

  • How entrepreneurship can impact on a personal & community level
  • Increasing employment and reducing recidivism and homelessness rates
  • How to solve needs in the community by optimizing resources already in the community through career prep

A Complete & Comprehensive Guide for Starting a Business, Sustaining a Business, and Taking your Business to the Next Level from Top to Bottom and Beginning to End!

    - By the Experts, Alliance For Business

        "A Network That WORKS."

Meet Chris Boyce: "The Marine, The Manager, The Man"

My name is Chris Boyce. I’m from Oakland, CA, and I served in the Marine Corp from 2005 to 2012. When I was discharged, I moved to Greensboro, NC to go college and pursue my degree. However, while doing so, I got into an accident, and my car was totaled. I then started renting a car, and from there I met Nic Sturdifen at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He became my mentor and brought me under his wing to help me become successful with the company. After working with him, I was able to get a job and get promoted all within one year’s time. He really helped me change my perspective on life in general. I was very negative when I came out because I did not know what to do without being in the military or California with my support system. He kept supporting me and showed me that if I worked hard, set goals, and achieved them then anything that I wanted to do would be right in front of me at the end, and sure enough he was right. Now I’m in my last semester at Guilford College, and I graduate in May. Also, I’m now sitting in his old position as the Tri-Brand manager at the Greensboro airport, and I have all the opportunities in the world ahead of me. Life Push really did help me get myself on track by putting the perspective in my mind that I could do anything as long as I put myself first.

-Chris Boyce










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