"Success is a Perspective Away."©

Life Push, LLC is a complete human services engagement company that provides services and trainings to students, education professionals, human services professionals, at-risk youth, and their families.

Our Cornerstone Values

  • We Operate in Excellence, Not Perfection.
  • We Understand Perspectives Drive Outcomes Daily...So we Work Accordingly.
  • A Person's True Purpose Fulfilled is Worth It.
  • We Believe "Success Is A Perspective Away."

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We are a 5PHE© Provider

Ways We Provide Positive Change

Youth & Family Services

We offer a number of different community based services that meet families and their needs where they are. We believe it is our responsibility to evovle with the need of those we serve and that is exactly what we do. We invest heavily in trauma informed training and practices, evidence based strategies, and out of the box programs that we successfully track to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


School System Services & Partnerships

Our succesful partnerships and outcomes with school divisions are critical to our holistic approach to systems of care. We understand our schools are the platforms where multiple factors extending beyond the school walls come together. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of education, mental health, the juvenile justice system, and family/child welfare system allows us to serve as the glue to bring all aspects of the process together.




Evidence Based Practices

We are proud to actively invest in the highest quality services that are supported by research, studied by doctorate level professionals, and provide thoroughly documented outcomes spanning across several years. We also invest in the highest quality professionals to conduct these services. We believe the families we serve are worth it and it is the Life Push standard to always strive for excellence.




Gang Prevention & Intervention Service

This program works directly with individuals who are at-risk of gang affiliation and individuals who are directly involved with gangs. Utilizing the skills and training of our certified gang specialists, we work directly with social services, juvenile justice, community service boards, and other community organizations. We realize this is a serious need to be addressd. We work hard to meet the needs of those who are directly and indirectly impacted by the gang culture and lifestyle.




Clinical Services

We offer clinical services to individuals, familes, and groups. Our clinical services are offered by licensed professionals who have dedicated their professional careers to helping individuals and families properly process and heal from past and ongoing trauma that has or is being experienced. These services are offered across all of our service areas across all three of our office locations.



Workforce Development Services

Sustainability is a major component of an individual's longevity of success. Often times the success or failure of an individual's sustainability continues into the family dynamic. We realize the ability to support one's self and family is critical to reducing criminogenic behaviors, gang affiliation of youth, familial hardships leading to out of home placements, and other damaging realities. 



Keynotes & Workshops

Our team of highly qualified speakers and facilitators provide keynote speeches and workshops that are specifically designed for professionals in education, human services and business, college students, k-12 students, and at-risk youth facing single to multiple barriers in life. This service is available and provided across the U.S.



Facilitation/Coordination Services

Successful systems of care require an effective approach to the facilitation and coordination of the services put in place to help. The family's voice and choice is essential to the success or failure of these systems of care. This is true for the families involved and the professionals responsible for their care. Our certified facilitators assist in that process to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.  


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