The entire philosophy of this program focues directly on individuals at risk of gang affiliation and individuals who are directly involved with gangs. We utilize our 5PHE© trained and certified specialists to oversee the service approach and work directly with and consults to the following agencies and systems: (Social Services, Court Service Units & the Department of Juvenile Justice, Community Service Boards, School Systems, and other community organizations)  We utilize an approach which provides a specific focus on the root of gang development from the initial contact of gang influenced youth through the multiple steps to gang affiliation. Additional value of this program comes from the wealth of knowledge in our personnel obtained from years of service in the criminal justice, sociology, community development fields, and our outcomes. This program provides the ability to assess, explain, and help to prevent the development of the gang culture while working to reduce the number of youth initiating into the gang communities. 

5PHE© - Gang


Please contact our office as for more information and presentations on this service. We will be releasing more information as we complete our introductory presentations. 434-774-8539 



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