The 5 Phases of Human Engagement - 5PHE©  


The 5 Phases of Human Engagement (5PHE©) is a proven engagement approach designed to streamline the effort of effectively engaging a person, group, or entity within the boundaries of their culture, past experiences, and their overall perspective. There are a total of five phases that occur in a chronological order and are shared between two primary components. The five phases and two components are what ensures the fidelity of the engagement approach is achieved. 5PHE© was developed by Dr. Nicholas Sturdifen Sr. in 2014 and has allowed practitioners to achieve an 87% success rate serving more than 3,000 youth, families, and professionals since 2014 to date and counting. 



IMPORTANT: 5PHE©, it's trainings, certifications, licensing, and approval process is proprietary to Dr. Nicholas Sturdifen Sr. and is overseen, operated, and maintained by Life Push, LLC. Duplication of any kind is strictly prohibited.


The 5 Chronological Phases of 5PHE©


Phase Goals:

1) Gain a true understanding of the subject’s general perspective.


2) Demonstrate authentic interest to the subject.



Phase Goals:

1) Increase the understanding of the subject’s perspective in acute areas


2) Demonstrate consistent interest and current perspective understanding



Phase Goals: 

1) Decrease subject’s apprehension of engager’s authentic interest


2) Leverage that interest to earn and reinforce engager’s right to guide & support the subject



Phase Goal:

1) Increase belief in guidance to achievement


2) Exercise accountability of subject


Phase Goals:

1) Decrease subject’s doubt of guidance received and subject’s ability


2) Support perspectives that are compatible


3) Drive desired behaviors toward goals 

The Two Primary Components of 5PHE©



The "Engager"

The "Engager" is the person who is driving the engagement process. 5PHE© places 100% of its focus on the engager which results in the engager effectively keeping the "Subject" in the center of focus. This is a key aspect of the success experienced as a result of the 5PHE© engagement approach.


The "Subject"

The "Subject"  is the person, group, or entity being engaged by the engager. 5PHE© is designed for the "Subject" to remain as the center of focus throughout the entire engagement approach. The subject may be one perons, a group of people, or a system that has a direct influence over outcomes that impact others.


5PHE© is perfectly designed to help professionals in the below fields:


Benefits of 5PHE© Intergration: 

  • Leadership development for all levels of school personnel
  • Teachers develop more effective connections with students
  • Stronger teacher - administrator bonds
  • Stronger partnerships between schools and parents
  • Decreased turnover rates for teachers, administrators, and staff
  • Reduced student suspension rates
  • Enhanced truancy prevention & intervention
  • Lower court referrals due to truancy
  • Improved academic performance
  • Decrease in dropout rate



Social Services & Mental Health Professionals 

Benefits of 5PHE© Intergration: 

  • Increased cultural competency 
  • Increased employee retention rates
  • Shorter service times with increased positive outcomes
  • Improved interagency partnerships
  • More manageable caseloads
  • Decreased client hospitalizations
  • Decreased out of home placements
  • Stronger and more effective professional to client alliances



Juvenile Justice Professionals

Benefits of 5PHE© Intergration:

  • Decrease in recidivism of youth working with a 5PHE© trained professional
  • Increased communication & connection with families of youth in the juvenile justice system
  • Decreased length of prevention/intervention services for youth in the system
  • Effective engagement with gang influenced youth
  • Reduction in harmful, impulse driven behaviors

Private, Public, & Non-Profit Companies

Benefits of 5PHE© Intergration: 

  • Increased employee/team development
  • Increased staff retention rates
  • Increased team cohesion
  • Improved successful outcomes
  • Increased profits
  • Increased sustainability
  • Less wasted resources
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased meaningful relationships



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