School divisions are faced with complex challenges that are not only common in nature but also unique to individual school systems. These same challenges directly impact the students in ways that often times reach beyond the school walls. We utilize our highly trained staff and our understanding of the needs of students and school systems to address and provide results. These results are student focused and positively impact key performance indicators of our education facilities.

The P.U.S.H. Initiative Program

Perspectives - Understood - Streamlines - Help

The P.U.S.H. Initiative Program was designed specifically for students who are currently in grades 6-12. Life Push team members utilize a unique approach to reach the students through a detailed understanding of the students' perspectives. This is one of the reasons the P.U.S.H. Initiative has been so successful and unique from other student approaches. Let us know how we can help your school division!



Reducing Suspension Rates

The Alternative Education Program helps reduce suspension rates and keep students in the schools

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Truancy Reduction


Click the Link Below to read about our Partnership with Danvile Department of Social Services & Danville Public Schools 


"Only one child that received the services entered foster care in the last school year. Danville Social Services has enjoyed our partnership with the local vender, Life Push  & the Danville Public Schools. We will continue to utilize funds to keep this program going due to the high success rate." - Danville DSS


Student Development & Training



- Student Assemblies

- Bullying

- Understanding Privelege

- Preparing for Life After...

- Adjusting the Perspective

- Student Leadership, Resilience, and Respect


Professional Development & Training

- Cultural Competency

- Connecting With Students

- The Variables of Performing Education

- The Outside Influence in the Classrooms

- Bullying Prevention & Intervention

- Communication Training

- Engaging Students

- Balancing the Demands of Education











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