School divisions are faced with complex challenges that are not only common in nature but also unique to individual school systems. These same challenges directly impact the students in ways that often times reach beyond the school walls. We utilize our highly trained staff and our understanding of the needs of students and school systems to address and provide results. These results are student focused and positively impact key performance indicators of our education facilities.

Reducing Suspension Rates

Truancy Reduction


Students are not truant because they simply don't want to go to school. Our partnership program helps to address and reduce the rate of students becoming truant. This is done by utilizing highly trained team members and effective truancy prevention/intervention system.

Student Development & Training



- Student Assemblies

- Bullying

- Understanding Privelege

- Preparing for Life After...

- Adjusting the Perspective

- Student Leadership, Resilience, and Respect


Professional Development & Training

- Cultural Competency

- Connecting With Students

- The Variables of Performing Education

- The Outside Influence in the Classrooms

- Bullying Prevention & Intervention

- Communication Training

- Engaging Students

- Balancing the Demands of Education











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