Choice In Action Group Series


Choice in Action is a series of groups utilizing the 5PHE© approach along with choice theory principles targeting youth and adolescents in need of enhanced emotional literacy and behavioral change. Topics for groups will include Anger Management, Perspective Taking (empathy), Social & Interpersonal Skills, DBT skills, and Coping with Trauma. Other group topics will be added as needed. This series is overseen by LPC, LMHP-R, or Doctoral level professionals who are 5PHE© Certified.


Functional Family Therapy (FFT)


FFT is a Licensed, Evidence Based, short-term, high quality intervention program with an average of 12 to 14 sessions over three to five months. FFT works primarily with 11-to 18-year-old youth who have been referred for behavioral or emotional problems by the juvenile justice system, mental health system, school system, or child welfare system. Services are conducted in both clinic and home settings, and can also be provided in schools, child welfare facilities, probation and parole offices/aftercare systems and mental health facilities.


Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)


We provide Intensive Care Coordination which is a service that uses the High-Fidelity Wraparound model to plan, process, and coordinate multiple services and supports for youth and their families. Completed in fidelity, this is an Evidence Based model that values the youth & family voice and choice so that self-efficacy can be achieved. This service is led by a Certified Facilitator and supervised by a Licensed Eligible professional or higher.


Individual Outpatient Counseling


We provide outpatient counseling to individuals who are going through challenging emotional, mental, and psychological difficulties. Our licensed professionals assess, observe, and treat mental/emotional disorders of the individuals in need.



Family Partnership Meeting Facilitation (FPM)


A deliberate and structured approach to involving youth and families in decision making through a facilitated meeting of family, their identified supports, and professionals working with the family. This meeting is facilitated by a certified facilitator to utilize the program's model to fidelity.


Casey Life Skills


This program is designed to measure independent living skills using the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment. We work to help our clients to understand and develop necessary the life skills, proper perspectives, and habits that will allow them to be self-sufficient and increase their odds of overcoming negative life challenges that are known to prohibit our clients from experiencing success.  This is a powerful program for individuals looking to take the next step of life into college, the military, or the workforce. In either case, the information is applicable to all.


Truancy Prevention & Intervention Program


This program focuses on positive intervention to reduce truancy risks facing our students today. Step by step action plans, frequent communication with all involved parties, and a consistent approach to positively impact the root of the problem impacting the student is used. We realize there are a lot of moving aspects to an effective truancy program so strong communication is utilized to make sure all involved parties are addressed for optimal results


Parent Development Coaching/Aid (PDCA)


This program focuses on positive development and reinforcement for parents facing single to multiple barriers of success individually and for their family holistically. We understand that all cases are unique in their identity, so we adjust our treatment plan to match the need of the family. We work with a wide range of cases focusing on foster care prevention, substance abuse, domestic violence, family reunification, truancy, gang risk, and more. We work with single, separated, and parents that are together to strengthen the family unit and help create a healthy environment to promote sustainable and positive growth.




5 Phases of Human Engagement - Gang


5PHE-Gang© targets youth and young adults ages 12 to 21 years old who are exhibiting mild to severe behaviors that are directly connected to gang influence. This service is designed to work 1-on-1 with individuals or with small groups of up to 3 people at a time. 5PHE-Gang© is designed to be offered in the community setting, schools, group homes, residential facilities, and juvenile detention centers. Sessions may last from 60 days to 12 months depending on specific needs and case characteristics.


Holistic Intensive Engagement ©


This service takes a holistic approach to the child and family which encompasses three main focuses: 1) Home Life 2) School Life, and 3) Social Life. These focuses allow our Holistic Youth Advisor to address several areas of need by utilizing the 5PHE© engagement approach. This system is used in conjunction with a 30-day service plan to ensure the best scenario for healthy progress is realized. One of the ultimate goals for this program is to build self-efficacy for the youth and family when dealing with issues related to their specific situation. Another goal is to promote sustainability for a healthy family and successful reunification when appropriate. This service provides multi-tiered communication strategy with all critical parties and is overseen by a licensed clinician or a master's level supervisor with direct experience.


Interpretation Services (Spanish)


This service works to bridge the gap between agencies of care and the individuals/families served with a language barrier. This service has been used in the Department of Social Services, Community Service Boards, Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Department of Justice. Our translation services are provided by trained human services professionals who are able to translate with a holistic understanding of the process at hand.


Therapeutic Mentoring 


This is a foundational program that when done correctly, can reach youth in ways no other service can. We believe the strength of results is found in the relationships between our mentors and the mentees they are paired with. The ability to consistently give time, energy, a listening ear, and constructive advice is invaluable. We utilize the understanding of our mentors’ stories, backgrounds, and passions to effectively pair them with mentees which allows for the best connection and experience to be realized. The foundation of this service is based on the 5PHE© engagement approach.










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